Hexe Lilli Die Reise Nach Mandolan (Original Score) by Ian Honeyman and Klaus Badelt


Music By
Ian Honeyman

Main Theme By
Klaus Badelt

Additional Music By
Mark Anthony Yaeger

Score Produced By
Klaus Badelt

Orchestra Recorded By
Yue-Song Li

Score Mixed by Ian Honeyman
Score Mixed at Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica
Score Recorded at Xin Ying Film Studio, Beijing and Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica

Score Orchestrated by Guang-Yin Feng
Music Preparation by Tom Nai-Wen Zhang

China National Symphony

Featuring Solo Performaces By:
Ian Honeyman (Dilruba)
Mark Anthony Yaeger (Mandolin, Dilruba)

Executive In Charge of Music: Robyn Klein
Orchestra Contractor (China): Frank Ge-Fang Yang
Score Production Manager: Simone de Leuw
Score Technical Assistant: Seth Woodard

"Om Nandi Om!"
Music by Ian Honeyman
Lyrics by Ian Honeyman, Harald Sicheritz, Sara Schuh, Eric Palmquist, Bryan Barnes and Donald Porter III
Produced by Ian Honeyman and Klaus Badelt
Performance: Sara Shine feat. The Pseudo Rebels

Design: Sonja Schulz, Jumbo Neue Medien & Verlag GmbH, Hamburg

Klaus Badelt and Ian Honeyman would like to thank: Harald Sicheritz, Michael Coldewey, Corinna Mehner, Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner, Carolin Dassel, Dierk Beck von Rohland, Zlatka Topolovec, Sonja Schulz, Sabine Hildebrandt, Andrew Jones (Director of Loudspeaker Engineering, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc, TAD Laboratories Inc), Juliette and Lukas Badelt, Malona Voigt, Pioneer, Euphonix, M-Audio, Anthony Gallo & Rob Papen. For Joanna.

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