Neighbors (Original Score) by Andrew Raiher & Daniel Rojas


Andrew Raiher
Daniel Rojas


Have you ever been in a competition with a friend or neighbor? Well Timothy Longshanks has been for years. And now he's on a mission to win that competition no matter what the cost. But his unaware, gentle-giant of a neighbor, Big Al, always has what Tim just got, or better. A journey of one-upmanship ensues leading Tim to the far corners of the world and back again. His mania ultimately leads him down a path of no return ending in hilariously disastrous results.

Score Produced by Andrew Raiher & Daniel Rojas
Mixed by Andrew Raiher
Recoded and Mixed at Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Additional Recording Engineer: Chris Bengston
Recording Assistants: Stephen Lukach and Daniel Reyes

Featuring Solo performances by:
Trumpet: James Blackwell
Clarinet: Brian Clancy and Gabriel Campos Zamora
Tenor Sax: Brian Clancy
Drums and Percussion: Jay Reeves
Bass: Christopher Carmichael
Guitars: Daniel Rojas and Andrew Raiher
Vocals: Andrew Raiher
The Royal Stolichnaya Men's Chorus of the Principality of Southern Santa Monica: Judd Cherry, Ned Adams, Mark A. Yaeger, Seth Woodard, Andrew Raiher and Daniel Rojas.

Special thanks to: Klaus Badelt, Ian Honeyman and Andrew Troy.

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