Yoko - The Complete Original Score by Mark Yaeger


This is my complete and uncut edition of the score as it appears in the movie.

Für Besucher aus Deutschland gibt's den Original-Soundtrack zum Film mit dem Lied "Was geht ab" bei unserem deutschen Vertrieb.

Visit also the official movie site.


Music by Mark Anthony Yaeger
Score Produced by Klaus Badelt
Additional Arrangements by Daniel Rojas
Score Mixed by Klaus Badelt and Mark Anthony Yaeger
Executive in Charge of Music: Robyn Klein
Featuring Solo Performances by Rachel Mellis (flute, clarinet)
Score Production Manager: Simone de Leuw
Score Mixed At Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica and HLC Studios, Paris
Score Recorded At Xin Ying Film Studios, Beijing and
Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica.
Orchestra: China National Orchestra
Orchestra Recorded by Li Yue-Song
Assistant Orchestra Engineer: Wang Zheng
Music Preparation by Tom NW Zhang
Score Orchestrated by Sujin Nam
Score Supervisor (China): Frank Ge-Fang Yang
Technical Support (China): Wang Hao

Mark would like to thank: Mom, Dad, Gunther Lennartz, Lauren Andersen, Oliver Anthony, Remy Boudet, Christian Riffard, G. Scott Barrett, Simone de Leuw, Corinna Mehner, Markus Golisano, Carolin Dassel, Franziska Buch, Thomas and Maria Richter, ARRI Post Production Munich and their entire staff (including the coffee machine) KAWAI Pianos, Mackie, and Toon Track Music.

Klaus would like to thank: Franziska Buch, Corinna Mehner, Markus Golisano, Carolin Dassel, Simone de Leuw, Hervé Lécoz & HLC Paris, Christian Riffard, Remy Boudet, Gerhard Lengeling, Modartt, Pioneer, Euphonix, M-Audio, Anthony Gallo, Pianoteq, Native Instruments & Rob Papen. For Malona, Juliette, Lukas - and Alma.

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